Where to repair computers quickly and prestige

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Computer over a period of time will encounter a number of technical errors, if you do not know how to fix it will make the computer encounter more serious conditions. Therefore finding a reputable computer repair address is always sought by people.

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Currently on the market there are countless computer repair units, Tran Anh Computer is proud to be a reputable unit in this field today. With reasonable cost, quick repair time, good warranty, it has been trusted by many customers.

Common errors in using computer?

– When you want to upgrade your computer such as upgrading windows xp to win 7, 8, 10, install some operating systems, office applications, graphics applications for design machines … ..
– When the computer encounters a few problems such as crashes, machine running slowly, stand up, unable to access the network, viruses, data loss of computer, the computer cries when starting …
– When you need to clean and maintain the computer at home

Fast and professional service

Computer repair service at Tran Anh computer is reputable, quality, fast, affordable
Tran Anh Computer We provide fast computer repair services with qualified and professional staff. Get repair of all the errors when the computer encountered, all repair plans, costs will be publicly quoted and most detailed to our customers. Besides, we also have a long-term warranty policy attached for all repair services, giving peace of mind when customers use our services.

During the repair process, customers can also ask us to install more programs, or some specialized software for design such as Coerl, 3Ds max, Photoshop … .. we will support quickly. and as enthusiastic as possible.

What is the repair procedure for computers at Tran Anh computer?

1. Upon receiving a repair request from the customer, we will contact by phone to arrange a time and appoint appropriate repair personnel.
2. Employees come to check the damaged condition of customers ‘computers at customers’ requests
3. Report the error status and cost price for the repair service, if the customer agrees to carry out the repair
4. Carry out repairs according to agreement with customers quickly and professionally
5. Hand over the computer to customers after repair, customers will retest the computer before payment
6. Our staff will write a warranty card for customers before receiving payment

Computer repair at home

Currently on the market it will not be difficult for you to find a computer repair address. However, it is important that it is a professional address, reputation and quality assurance after repairing your device will not be damaged again or not.

So here we are Tran Anh Computer with many years of experience in this field, we will commit to you that when using the services at the company, we will get free advice and repair by the staff. your best with high quality components with clear origins and origins.

We are committed to making the most of the components while still usable, not having to replace them to minimize costs for customers.
If you are having problems, please pick up the phone and contact us Phone: 0963 872 333 – 024 632 89 333 – 024 665 94 333 or at the address: https://domucmayincanon.com


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