The secret to choosing the Earth bracelet is based on color and usage

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Today, many people tend to choose Earth bracelets instead of using feng shui stone or other feng shui objects. So how to choose bracelets for the Turks like?

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Not only because of the element of fate, the Tho bracelets are also highly aesthetic and extremely compact, easy to carry on the go. According to spirituality, the Earth feng shui bracelet will bring peace, prosperity and good luck to everyone when wearing it. Please refer to the information in the article below to learn about feng shui bracelets for the Turkish people!

Tho people should wear Turkish feng shui bracelets What color?

The Tho people are industrious and hard-working people. They always keep their promises, self-respect and discipline. Not only that, it is also very popular when creating relationships. Tho people often suit the colors red, orange, pink and purple. Therefore, if you choose to wear this kind of feng shui bracelet, it will help you to be always peaceful, prosperous and have many talents and health.
Tho people should not wear green feng shui bracelets. Because this is the color of Jupiter. Carpentry engraved earth again, so it will bring evil air, bad luck, bad luck in everyday life.

Choose Turkish feng shui bracelets based on the use

Each type of stone ring will bring a sense of feng shui as well as different effects. Besides colors, you can choose the round based on your purpose, requirements and desires to suit you best.

Work – Finance

People who do business are in need of feng shui arms. Surely these bracelets will help your work always be favorable, find many opportunities in business as well as success on the path of fame and career. You can choose brown blond quartz, brown yellow tiger eye stone, amethyst…

Love and relationship

If you are in need of something that promotes the love and happiness of the Turkish families, you should choose pink quartz, amethyst or ruby ​​ruby ​​… Surely these colors will improve the relationship. your relationship.

Focus on memory, reduce stress

Today, many parents have chosen earth bracelets that match their children’s destiny to help them learn better. At the same time, reduce stress, anxiety in the learning process.

Health promotion

Science has proven that natural stone has the ability to improve health, increase resistance better for humans. Depending on the color, the frequency of energy in the stone will support your health in different aspects: amethyst cure headaches, red hair quartz good for blood ….

The above are suggestions for you when choosing the Turkish bracelets par. At that time, you will be able to find yourself a feng shui stone fusion that brings health, fortune and a happy life.


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